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Hudson Origin is a public health initiative. Specifically, it is an accessible database for parents to inquire and seek support on their child’s mental health. Situated in Jersey City, Hudson Origin offers urban communities across the Hudson a flexible network to find new beginnings for pediatric care.

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Introducing Hudson Origin

We are a project organization that focuses on pediatric mental healthcare accessibility. All efforts pour directly into improving pediatric mental healthcare facilities in urban populations across Hudson County. What we do is we direct users to local options for pediatric mental healthcare. We primarily orient our services for parents to inquire or seek advice and reference to help them find accessible support for their child’s mental health. We understand that seeking care is not always easy and we are here to make that process less stressful by providing positive support, information, and guidance.

Mission Statement

Hudson Origin is a public health initiative that provides a bilingual database, network, and media on pediatric mental health options. Our goal is to mitigate the number of children whose mental health goes mistreated due to barriers that keep families from understanding personal needs and accessible options.

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